Domain Registration Scams

Domain Registration Scams usually happen when registrars send out notices, and bills, even though you do not have your domain name registered with them. Worse, they tend to charge more money, and, sometimes they can tie up your domain name to the point where you end up losing it or paying an extraordinary sum of money to get it back.

For many, a domain name could have been included with the website. Others may have registered their domain names themselves. If you self registered and you are managing your own domain, always make sure that any bill or notice comes from the company that you registered with (the registrar). If the domain name was included with your website or hosting, you most likely should not be paying your domain name fee separately. If you get a domain name renewal notice or bill and you are unsure as to the validity, please do not renew or pay without contacting us. We will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can.

There are hundreds of companies that attempt domain registration scams through bogus domain renewals, however, some of the major ones that should send up an immediate red flag are:
IDNS – Internet Domain Name Services
DROA – Domain Registry Services

For the record, a domain name should only cost approximately $12. Normally, domain registration scams attempt to charge significantly more.

Following is an actual example of a GoDaddy domain registration scam. For more examples, please see our original blog post on domain registration scams.

godaddy domain scam

As you can see in the example above, the “Make a payment” button does not go to GoDaddy. It goes to a malicious and fake paypal link.

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