Municipal Website Design Process

1) Email Consultation

The municipality fills out a questionnaire, which gives us a basic idea of wants and needs. In this questionnaire are sample URLs of sites the municipality likes, color options, graphics, and a page outline to get a clear picture of the municipality’s vision.

2) Quote Produced

We will then supply a quote to the munipality for approval. If any questions or concerns are present, simply contact the project manager assigned to your website. We are always willing to explain anything in the quote, add any features you might need, or suggest ways that we can save you money. Once we have a signed contract we begin work!

3) Logo Design (If Needed)

Our graphic design team will design/redesign/vector your municipality’s logo for web use. Mockups will be provided first, and once approved our graphic design team will deliver the logo in numerous formats for use on the web and in print.

4) Homepage Design

Our graphic design team will utilize the imformation provided in the initial email consultation to produce as many mockups as requested by the municipality. This mockup gives our clients a tone for the municipal website design. Once approved development starts.

5) Website Creation

In this step of the municipal website design, concept becomes reality. This step includes installation of WordPress, creating and configuring the template of your site, and installation of any plugins needed to make your site function the way you want.

6) Website Customization

We know that each municipality’s needs are different. During this customization phase, we will tweak the website to fit the municipalities needs. This phase of website development is unique to each government entity we work with and all details of this phase will be outlined in the quote.

7) Website Population

If the municipality we are working with already has a website, we will migrate the content from the old site into the new site. If this is a brand new website, we will need you to supply the content for the website.

8) Final Approval

During final website approval, you will be asked to look over the content and functionality of the site. Once all content and website functionality is approved, we will officially launch the website!

9) Go Live

This is where your site becomes part of your community. We will launch your website so the citizens of your municipality can begin to interact with and view the information displayed on your brand new website.

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