Available Functionality For Your Government & Municipal Websites

Make your government and municipal website more functional for your users with one of WebsiteForGov’s hosting packages. The first impression will count when it comes to your website’s design, hosting, and information. Ensuring your site stays current and available is highly important for your residents, business owners, and guests.


Email is an excellent way for your website users to contact you and you to contact them. This key feature allows for local events, weather alerts, and other issues in your area to be shared quickly and easily for all.

Map Integration

Map Integration is a great feature that will help your residents, businesses, and visitors navigate around your area with ease.

Document Management

Organize your town meeting minutes, agendas and other relevant documents with our document management service. Keeping your residents informed of issues affecting the local area has never been easier.


In addition to email, notifying your citizens of serious and important issues through text alerts can increase your website functionality and positively impact your local government and municipal area.


Organize, store, and advertise your local events, festivals, meetings, and more with a calendar feature.

Gallery Page

Highlight your community with images from around town. Encourage tourism with this showcase of fun activities in your area along with events, farmers markets, meetings and more.


Allowing reservations for community park shelters and other rentable facilities is a quick, easy, and organized way for your facilities to be utilized by your residents.


Showing direct contact information for municipal entities will reduce calls to the municipal secretary while also reducing the amount of time your residents may spending searching for the correct entity.

Job Center

Your municipal website is a great place to post jobs available in your municipality and/or local area. Not only can this function help your residents, but also your local businesses.


Weather can be unpredictable from time to time. Notify your citizens of widespread power outages, wind, snow, or other inclement weather.

Billing & Collecting Payments

Collect payments directly from your residents through your municipal website, and provide your residents with digital receipts of their payments.

Ready to Get Started on Your Municipal Website Design?

Pick and choose the functionality you want for your government website. Choose 1 option or choose them all; we will build your government website around what works for your community.